22 maart 2017

Floral Mind

I think spring is pretty much in my mind right now. Or maybe it's that in life that subtile yet there inevitable happens over time: when your value changes, you discover new passions and subtile things from the past pop up. My mom always had amazing green fingers and she definitely got it from my grandmother. I - therefore - don' have those. I could even let succulents die! So I never really bothered for a long time to bring in some plants (in fact, my mom gave me some fake ones from Ikea as she knows me a bit too well).
However. Things can go left and right and change sometimes and one of those two big changes of interest I've been developing lately are two "typical feminine" (whatever that means): its make-up and beauty ... and plants. As you might have guessed already as I dropped a hint or five. And you know, it's great.
It all started pretty much after my boyfriend gifted me some flowers for my birthday & that moment I realised how happy those little things made me. I finally grabbed my courage together after todays shoot and went too Nada around the corner of my studio. And came back with some beautiful little pots and three more plants to add to my little growing collection & interior goal. They also had these lovely little pots with bugs on it!

From today shoot for my portfolio I also needed flowers for a beautiful hairdo or two; which resulted in a bunch of leftover roses and other flowers which are now happily displayed at my window to be enjoyed until they bloom out (and I can dry them hopefully to add to that collection).

Pretty curious where this beautiful obsession will get me now! Do you have a love for plants or succulents? Or you don't have the green fingers for it?


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