21 maart 2017

Back To Sea - Part I

This is one of those things I - in the past - never shared before : photos I would take when wandering around the world. I tried but rarely it got the response on my social media & when I switched to owning both as a full-time independent business I quited almost  completely.

However, this blog came to existence not so long ago and it has given me this personal platform to share more of this. It's pretty liberating actually after curating my work on my other platforms to match my business & business model. But enough of that!

Here is the first photo-journal of my weekend at the sea this fall. I always loved the sea a lot and it was the first time I was able to "let go" after quitting my daytime job & starting to pursue my own business. It was also the first time my boyfriend went with me & my family on vacation ... So it was a great amount-of-many-firsts that I embraced with open arms & a big smile.

We spend a lot of time just walking: with the first day having a lot more wind and gloom (like a real fall day at the sea); the second day we walked barefoot on the beach (and I in the sea, as thats what I do best). Enjoying the sun on our faces. We collected shells, looked for little fossils  (we didn't find any, childhood-dreams crushed) & we had a great amount of talks about anything and everything.

These are the photos of the first day I took my camera with me. The second day blog will follow soon!

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